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Rob Bartlett has apprenticed in wizardry with Master Merlin for twenty-five years. As a practitioner of modern-day wizardry his practice is based on manipulating creation through unconditional love and Christ Consciousness.

Additionally, The Goddess is the power and direction behind a wizard's allegiance. By piercing the veils of existence, Merlin presents a comprehensive view of life, other lifeforms, individual experiences, and nature as a multi-dimensional world. By focusing on the power of unconditional love, Merlin enables individuals to move beyond illusion, judgment, and justification.

As a practitioner of 21st-century wizardry, Rob understands the power of the written word. During his practice, he has written metaphysical literature that touches on many topics related to wizardry and its relationship to today's sociopolitical movements.

Rob's work is available through Amazon. You can also contact him to learn more about his practice as a modern-day wizard.

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The Path to Social Change, as Found in Books by Robert

Social Evolution Based on Compassion & Christ

Wizard Awakened provides keen insights into a world that is constantly affected by change. Rob Bartlett is an experienced wizard who has undergone extensive training and meditation to become a practitioner for the 21st century. He has written extensively on becoming a wizard during these peculiar times, and how it has become a medium for exploring social, political, and cultural movements.

If you are interested in reading books by a wizard, Rob's ruminations are a great starting point. You can find his work on sale through Amazon.

His having accessed other dimensions and worlds might challenge many people's belief systems. We are entering an evolutionary period of higher consciousness where miracles, facilitated by this magic, will become more commonplace.