EVOLVE contains the teachings of Master Merlin, considered the most powerful wizard on the planet.  Rob Bartlett's life was molded into a wizard through a 30-year apprenticeship with the Master.  It's an evolutionary trajectory of his life from atheism to embacing Christ consciousness wrapped up in Goddess energy.  Merlins exquisite teachings encapsulate the knowledge for the Earth's survival as we evolve from a paternal/head-centered population into a more maternal/heart-centered one reflected in the new evolving generations.  Merlin's  brand of white wizardry is about consciousness raising, planetary survival, and contains no sorcery or magic.  The author's life has been exciting, entertaining, and gives an extraordinary account into wizardry, traveling through other dimensions, out of body experiences, past-life connections, and examines planetary healing.  Feel re-assured that the wizards, angels, and other highly evolved entities are protecting us, mostly working through the mass-consciousness.  The reader will come away with the sense and comfort that we are on a positive, sucessful path of evolution for survival.